July 2, 2022

Development 2 Squad

Development Two Squad – Lead Coach Kiera Hall

The aim of the group is focused around developing the whole swimmer with a big emphasis on all four strokes aiming for representation at local competitions. Swimmers within the group will focus on learning and improving the technique of each stroke, their starts, turns and finishes. Within Development two squad all swimmers attend each session to meet the overall aims as well as help preparation for County squad.

Swimmers within the group will learn about goal setting, lifestyle management and exercises for athletic development. They will compete at level 3 local competitions and work towards Lancashire County level competition.

Rest18.30 – 20.00
Rest18.30 – 20.00
18.30– 20.00
Man Aquatics CentreMan Aquatics CentreMan Aquatics Centre
Short CourseShort CourseShort Course

All sessions will start & finish with 15mins Pre and Post pool training

Guidelines for Entry and Exit:

  • Swimmers will attend 3 Sessions each week
    • Swimmers will be offered transition sessions with County squad once they’ve demonstrated the correct level of commitment and ability
  • Swimmers will be committed to develop all four strokes, starts, turns and finishes to a high standard
  • Swimmers will be competing at level 3 competitions working towards Lancashire County level competition
  • Swimmers will be aged up to 12 years as of 31st Dec based on Coaches decision and the individuals Maturation/Training Age
  • All Competitions with COMAST unless agreed with coach
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