Development 2 Squad

Lead Coach: Kiera Hall

The aim of Development 2 is focused around developing the whole swimmer with a big emphasis on all four strokes aiming for representation at local competitions. Swimmers within the group will focus on learning and improving the technique of each stroke, their starts, turns and finishes. Within Development two squad all swimmers attend each session to meet the overall aims as well as help preparation for County squad.

Swimmers within the group will learn about goal setting, lifestyle management and exercises for athletic development. They will compete at level 3 local competitions and work towards Lancashire County level competition.

Entry Guidelines
Swimmers must be able to demonstrate the following:

– Have competed at a local level (i.e. Rising Stars, Club Championships or Level 3 competitions)
– Competed in 50m of all four strokes, and 100m in 2 strokes (1 must be frontcrawl)
– Can complete a 200 IM with legal turns
– Able to complete 200m (frontcrawl and backstroke) with good technique and skills
– Able to use the clock

All swimmers are selected at the coaches discretion.

Manchester Aquatics Centre
Manchester Aquatics Centre
Manchester Aquatics Centre
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