Our Club

City of Manchester Aquatics is a high performance swim team recognised for its success placing swimmers on Senior and International teams. Since 2018 we have been named the North West Regional Performance Pathway Centre working in partnership with Swim England North West to offer training and support to selected swimmers across the Region who share these goals.

Manchester City Council recognises the value of sport to the City and its residents. The City Council’s Sport Development strategy has developed both existing facilities and creating new sports centres. It is the hope that the legacy will, in years to come, provide greater access to sporting opportunities to more and more young people.

A unique partnership between Manchester City Council, Arena Water Instinct, GLL and the universities provides a dedicated swimming programme allowing the city to promote and delivery a coordinated development programme with clear pathway from foundation to excellence.

Club Values

Punctuality – a key value for our team. It’s the first behaviour we display before any activity with the club. Whether its a meeting, training session or competition, we should all be prepared in the best possible way by being their in good time. It cannot always be possible, therefore good communication with team mates is vital

Respectful – We will be respectful to ourselves and each other, and respectful to the process and journey we are all on. This ensuresholding ourselves to the highest standards in and out of the pool and committed to ensuring our values are maintained

Grit – Courage and resolve; strength of characters. This is a vital part of our team and ethos. We want a team of individuals who are robust, driven, meticulous and goal orientated with an abundance of resilience.

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